A brief description of crowdfunding (discussion format)

I am a small business attorney in Lakeland, Florida.  Far away from Silicon Valley.  I see the importance of crowdfunding on a daily basis.  Businesses need funds.  Banks need collateral that businesses don’t have.  Crowdfunding is a way for small businesses to raise money from the crowd – everyone.  To get that money, the business (issuer) must prove its case to the person giving it money (investor).  Prior to January 1, 2013, the United States did not permit securities crowdfunding, that is the investment by the crowd in exchange for a promissory note (debt) or stock/ownership (equity).  The JOBS Act, passed in April, changed that.  Find out how (the Real Story) in my interview with Mark Wallace on Seeking Alpha: http://seekingalpha.com/article/644281-crowdfunding-the-real-story 


About samuelhoughton

Husband, father, attorney, crowdfunding radical activist. I believe that crowdfunding will change the world by sifting success from otherwise discarded ideas.

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